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Kawaii Blog Tips & Tricks #1 – A Blog Post Every Day

This is the first post in a series of posts on how to create a kawaii blog with some good traffic. My first advice would be to post one blog post every day. That might seem like a prison, having to come up with something everyday. Fortunately I have a way to work around that. The trick is to write many posts at the same time then schedule them to be posted one for each day (this can be done with most blog platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc) that way you do not have to worry about being super creative every day.

There are two very good reasons for posting every day. The first is to take care of your readers. Blog experts (I do a lot of research) say that many readers like to pop in every day and that they also want continuity. Give the readers something new every day!

The second reason to post every day is to please Google.  If you want traffic from the search engines it is a good idea to look in to how to help Google and other services to find your blog. One of the parameters Google takes in to account is continuity. You also want Google to go over your site often looking for updates so your blog posts get indexed fast and you can make sure of that by posting every day.

I hope that this was useful for you and if not make a comment and tell me what you want me to write about next.

Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii Blog Help

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Cute And Pink Blog Themes – Kawaii Blogging

After I published the Sugar Bunnies Kawaii Blog Template recently I got a request to publish more cute blog themes and templates preferably in pink. Well here are a few and I will be on the look out for more.

UPDATE: Unfortunately the site that supplyed the blog themes removed the free themes. However you can find other cute kawaii themes here.

Princess girl cute blog theme.

Girl cute princess blog theme

Cute EMO girl blog theme with black background.

Kawaii black Pink Blog Theme Cute girl Emo

Kawaii world note book blog theme.

Cute fashionista blog template.

Fashionista blog template black background cute girl

This one with Gloomy Bear and cuteness.

Kawaii Blog theme gloomy bear and cuteness

See other kawaii blogging themes and resources here: Rilakkuma Blog Template, Little Twin Stars Kawaii Blog Template, Sugar Bunnies Kawaii Blog Template.

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