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Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #5 – Six Blogging Tips

This is the fifth post in the series of kawaii blog tips and tricks in which I am sharing  my thoughts about how to blog. Most things I have learned through trial and error blogging and through endless Google searches. I have made an endless row of mistakes so this is my way of maybe helping others avoid those time consuming detours. In this post I will share 6 useful things which might help you to improve your blog in different ways. Some of these tips I have mentioned briefly before and some are new ones. I hope they will be of use to you and feel free to comment and ask if you have any questions.

Kawaii Blog Tips And Tricks Hawaii Kawaii

1. First up is a blog post I found some time ago. It is an Australian blogger who describes her experiences when going to a big blog convent where she got to participate in a series of educational blog seminars. She shares the things she learned and she is funny while doing it! Retromummy – Top 50 things I learnt at Blogopolis 2011

2. Read up on SEO. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is basically the art of how to adapt your website so that it preforms well with Google and other search engines. Unfortunately the subject can be quite complex but there are some easy changes one can make that will make the world of difference for your traffic. To find the info I would suggest to do a Google search with 'SEO' plus your blog platform like 'SEO for WordPress'.

3. Do a SEO analysis for free here and you will get some basic pointers on what you could improve.

3. Get a statistic tool. There are several free tools that will help you see how much and what type of traffic you are receiving. I use Statcounter and .

4. Use your statistics. It is pointless to look at stats if you do not use the information in some way. Let the statistics tell you what to do. With a statistic tool you can see where all your traffic come from. Is it Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or maybe blogs that you have commented on or from the giveaway you sponsored? Put your time and effort where you get the results. For me it is a mix of many different channels like the once mentioned before.

5. Befriend your competition. What other blogs are there that write about the same things? Contact them, bee generous and retweet, blog and facebook about your fellow bloggers and I promise you that you eventually will get love and retweets in return. For me Twitter is the best social platform to find other bloggers and cute shops etc.

6. Post quality content. This is maybe the most important thing of all because if your readers don't find your posts interesting it doesn't matter how good your SEO are the readers will not come back to you. So how do I know what works? Look at what posts get the most comments, retweets, traffic and such. Also keep an eye on what other people do that seem to work for them, could you do something similar but in your own way?

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Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #4 – Learn From Your Popular Posts

This is the fourth post about kawaii blogging tips and tricks. This time I want to tell you all to pay close attention to how your recent and previous blog posts are doing. This is one of the easiest ways of finding out what your readers like, what is working and what is not. Sometimes I think I have made a great blog post only to find that it got zero attention. Similarly I sometimes post things that I did not think would ever be popular and everybody loved it. Study the good blog posts and post more of the same things. You should watch the number of comments a post gets but maybe even more important is to look at the amount of traffic a post receives.

But how do I see which blog posts get the most traffic? Most blog platforms have addons to measure this. Self-hosted WordPress has a plugin widget called Top 10 which I use. The free hosted version of WordPress has this function built in and Blogger probably has a widget for this. There are also statistic tools that can measure this type of traffic for you.

I browse through the list of my most popular posts quite often and so I thought I would put together a list of the ten most popular kawaii blog posts of the last two months here on Hawaii Kawaii. This way you can see what works for me. Click on the links to see the full posts. Good luck with the blogging and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about anything.

10. The Bunny iPhone – Kawaii iPhone Cases
Rabito Bunny Iphone Case Kawaii Iphone Cover Blog

9. Rilakkuma Wallpaper – Kawaii Backgrounds
Rilakkuma Wallpaper Background In Pink Wallpaper Blog

8. Panda Onigiri Rice Balls – Kawaii Food
Panda Onigiri Balls Panda Sushi Food Blog

7. Pokemon Pikachu Nails – Kawaii Nail Art
Game Nail Art Pokemon Pikachu Nails Blog

6. Cupcake Nails – Kawaii Beauty
Cupcake Nails Kawaii Nail Art Blog

5. Rainbow Cake. Again.
Rainbow Cake Kawaii Cakes Kawaii Food Blog

4. Iphone 4 Bow Cases – Kawaii Iphone Accessories
Iphone Bow Cases In Pastel Kawaii Iphone Blog

3. Cloudy Sky Jello Tutorial
Blue Sky Jello Cream Tutorial Blog

2. Bow Tattoos, Lots Of Them…
Bow Tattoos Wrist Kawaii Bow Tattoo Blog

1. The number one post – Hello Kitty Glasses – Kawaii Accessories
Hello Kitty Glasses Kawaii Glasses Accessories Blog

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Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #3 – Define Your Keywords

This is the third blog post in the series about how to create a blog with a loads of traffic. In this post I will dive in to the issue of keywords. I believe that it is of the most importance to think about which your top keywords are, the words that define your blog or business. I think your list should consist of about five to ten keywords.

So how do I know what keywords are the most important? I try to think like this, the person that I want visiting my website, what would she search for? What do I myself search for?  What am I writing about? Those would be the keywords that is the most important for me and my web sites. It is also helpful to sign up for as they provide a list of the top ten keywords that Google think your blog has. Will that list match the keywords you have chosen? If not you can definitely do something to change that!

Kawaii Blogging Tip Kawaii Blog Love Your Key Words

When you have your list of words you should incorporate your top keywords in the title of your blog posts, in the content of your blog posts and in the tags of your posts. Also try to name the pictures you post and any other static pictures on your blog with your top keywords as well as with the 'alt'-description for the pictures. If you want to check if you have named a picture, just hoover the mouse over it and if a text appears then it is named. For those of you that are in the process of building your blog from scratch you should consider to put your most important keyword in both the title of your blog and the URL-address like I have 'kawaii' in my address Never choose a totally different blog title than your web address. Use the keywords as much and often as you can, but do not spam. Google hates spammers and likes quality content so pick out good topics that fit your keywords.

Another issue is the fact that many blogs call themselves for example a 'kawaii blog' or a 'food blog' but does not post blog content to reflect that. I believe that if you want to be successful in your genre you have to restrain yourself from blogging about stuff that is outside of your field, to some extent at least. There is nothing wrong with blogging a little bit about everything but if you want your readers and Google to understand your 'point of view' you have to be very clear. This is where your keywords can help you. When I have a hard time to decide if I should feature something in the blog I go back to what I have decided that Hawaii Kawaii should be about and if it doesn't fit my vision and my top keywords I simply do not blog about it.

That was it for this time, if you have any questions about the subject of keywords or any other blog trix stuff make a comment and I will try to answer to the best of my ability. You can also check out the other blog posts in my series about kawaii blog tips and tricks!

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Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks #2 – Pictures In Every Blog Post

Pictures Kawaii Blogging Tricks

This is the second blog post in the series of blog posts on blogging tips and tricks. This time I want to address using pictures when blogging. I think that it is super important to always have a picture in each blog post. Many readers, including myself, like to browse blog posts with out having to spend very much time on reading. I never follow blogs that do not post pictures. The pictures does not even have to be related to the post. Of course if you have a blog on philosophy or some other heavy subject the text would be the prominent feature. However I believe a picture never hurts and I do not know any really big blog, not any, that does not use pictures. I am not saying they do not exist but that if you want to skip the pics you have to be a brilliant writer.

One more thing, always name your pictures! I get loads of traffic through Google images so I strongly recommend to mind this issue. Google can not read pictures so you have to describe the picture in text for the search engines to be able to know what it portrays. You should pack the image with as much information as you can. In Blogger this is more difficult than in for example WordPress but if you can name it do it. Write a description (the 'alt' field) and also name it befor you upload it. Then the pic gets a nice URL with loads of keywords.

Was this post was useful for you? If not please comment and tell me what you want me to address in later posts.
Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii 2


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Kawaii Blog Tips & Tricks #1 – A Blog Post Every Day

This is the first post in a series of posts on how to create a kawaii blog with some good traffic. My first advice would be to post one blog post every day. That might seem like a prison, having to come up with something everyday. Fortunately I have a way to work around that. The trick is to write many posts at the same time then schedule them to be posted one for each day (this can be done with most blog platforms like Blogger, WordPress etc) that way you do not have to worry about being super creative every day.

There are two very good reasons for posting every day. The first is to take care of your readers. Blog experts (I do a lot of research) say that many readers like to pop in every day and that they also want continuity. Give the readers something new every day!

The second reason to post every day is to please Google.  If you want traffic from the search engines it is a good idea to look in to how to help Google and other services to find your blog. One of the parameters Google takes in to account is continuity. You also want Google to go over your site often looking for updates so your blog posts get indexed fast and you can make sure of that by posting every day.

I hope that this was useful for you and if not make a comment and tell me what you want me to write about next.

Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii Blog Help

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Kawaii Blog Tips And Tricks – Ask Me!

I get a lot of questions on how to go about when starting and growing a blog. I have some things that I think is important but I also want to know what you all think and what you want answers to. So what do you want to know? Go crazy! I will answer the questions in a series of posts with tips and tricks on how to create a blog with lots of traffic. Update: Here is the blog posts written so far in the series of Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks!

Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii

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