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Hawaii Kawaii Ad Space Giveaway!

Hawaii Kawaii Ad Space Giveaway Kawaii Blog Advertising
Hi everyone it is giveaway time!!! For the first time this will be a giveaway of kawaii ad space. There will be 2 winners: one square 125×125 ad worth $50 and one mini ad worth $20. Both ads will be shown for 1 month in the right column with the other ads in the same size. The winners can enjoy fantastic kawaii exposure as the the traffic last month here on Hawaii Kawaii were 215.000 page views and over 100.000 unique visitors. If you do not have an ad I will make one for you. Boooo-ya! Info on how to buy the ad spaces can be found here.

To enter the giveaway you can do one or all five of the following things each one giving a chance of winning. Make sure to write a comment on this blog post for each one of the entries. Each valid comment will count as one submission.

1) Follow on Twitter. (1 entry)
2) Tweet about and link to this giveaway and (1 entry)
3) Like (1 entry)
4) Tag yourself in the giveaway picture on Facebook (1 entry)
5) Write a blog post about this giveaway and the Hawaii Kawaii ad space (so 1 link to this blog post + 1 link to the Hawaii Kawaii advertising page) (1 entry)

Important: I reserve the right to deny any ads or websites that do not fit the Hawaii Kawaii peaceful and happy philosophy. The giveaway ends Tuesday the 14th of February. Good luck kawaii maniacs!!!

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Barbie Glasses – Kawaii Accessories

Fabulous and glamorous Barbie glasses that can be bought here.

Barbie Glasses Kawaii Glasses Accessories Kawaii Blog

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Kawaii Pens & Pencils – Domo Kun, Mameshiba And Rilakkuma

I just ordered some kawaii pens and pencils for myself from Cool Pencil Case. The university lectures gets much more fun if you have cute things to write with.

Domo Kun Pen Kawaii Stationary Kawaii BlogMameshiba Pencils Kawaii Stationary Kawaii BlogDomo Kun Pencil Kawaii Stationary Kawaii BlogRilakkuma Pen And Pencils Kawaii Stationary Kawaii BlogRilakkuma Pencils Kawaii Stationary Kawaii Blog

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Swarovski Loves Hello Kitty

These pictures are from the Swarovski Hello Kitty exhibition in Tokyo this summer. I am not sure if it is still going on or if it was just for a limited time. Pretty anyway!

Hello Kitty Swarovski Jewelry Sanrio Kawaii BlogHello Kitty Swarovski Chandelier Sanrio Kawaii Blog

Hello Kitty Swarovski Figurine Kawaii BlogHello Kitty Swarovski Key Chain Sanrio Kawaii Blog
(via Japan Trends)

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Cute My Little Pony Tattoos

I adore these My Little pony Tattoos which belongs to blogger Katia.
Black And White My Little Pony Tattoos Kawaii Tattoo Blog

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Kawaii Blog Tips And Tricks – Ask Me!

I get a lot of questions on how to go about when starting and growing a blog. I have some things that I think is important but I also want to know what you all think and what you want answers to. So what do you want to know? Go crazy! I will answer the questions in a series of posts with tips and tricks on how to create a blog with lots of traffic. Update: Here is the blog posts written so far in the series of Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks!

Kawaii Blogging Tips And Tricks Kawaii

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Bento Cookbooks – Charaben & Yummy Pandas

Do you want to become a bento master? Here are some bento cookbooks to get you on your way, yay!
Bento Cookbooks Kawaii Bento Book Kawaii Food Blog

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