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Hello Kitty Cake – Kawaii Baking

Such a pretty Hello Kitty cake. I am sorry I do not have the link to who made it…
Hello Kitty cake in a pink cake mold
(pic Ally Star)

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Wispin – Kawaii iPhone Games

I just stumbled upon this cute iPhone game, Wispin. It is made by Grumpyface Studios and you can get it a AppStore.

Wispin kawaii gameWispin kawaii gameWispin kawaii game

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Sugar Bunnies Kawaii Blog Template

I found this really pink kawaii blog template with the Sanrio characters Sugar Bunnies. Cute don't you think?

Sugar Bunnies Sanrio Kawaii Blog Template

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Dreamy Pink Trees – Kawaii Nature

Is this for real…. I wonder, maby a Photoshop job? If I saw these pink trees it would totally make my day. Does anyone know if they are real and if so where these pink trees can be found?
Japanese pink leaf trees
(pic Wanda)

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Domo Kun Cookies Tutorial

I just stumbled on a great tutorial on how to make these cute Domo Kun cookies at the baking blog Diamonds For Dessert. Check it out here!

Domo Kun Cookies

Domo Kun Cookies TutorialDomo Kun Cookies Tutorial

Domo Kun chocolate cookies

I thought the pictures looked a bit familiar and realized they were posted at my friend Drop Dead Cute in January to.

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Wicked Hello Kitty Tattoos

Some really gorgeous Hello Kitty tattoos… I fancy the last with the madonna Hello Kitty but my favorite is the first one. I believe it is Hello Kitty as the Greek goddess Athena, she has the armor and the owl that often accompanies Athena. Which do you like the best? Previous Hello Kitty tattoos on Hawaii Kawaii can be seen here: Hello Kitty Tattoo,Hello Kitty Maneki Neko Tattoo, Hello Kitty and Cupcake Tattoo.
hello kitty roman tattoo minerva
(pic BigTattooPlanet)
Hello Kitty Jewelry rainbow and cupcake tattoo
(pic source)
hello kitty angel on a cloud tattoo on a cloud
(pic SharpTattoo)
Hello Kitty Madonna Tattoo
(pic A7Blog)

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Rainbow Hair – Madness Or Cuteness?

Would you ever dye your hair in rainbow colors? I do not think I would have the guts but I admire anyone who would. Rainbow hair would probably be really hard to maintain to (talking myself out of it). It looks real dreamy though…

Rainbow hair in a braid

(pic WiselyChosen)

Curly rainbow hair

(pic WiselyChosen)

Rainbow hair with orange bangs

(pic Erica Jones)

Rainbow hair with bangs

(pic Lisa Garay)

Check out more cooll and crazy hair posts here: Cute Girl In Blue Haired Wig, Cute Girl With Gaga Bow Hair, Pink Hairdo – Kawaii Girly Fashion.

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