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The Kawaii Cat Store – Pussies On Parade

Have you seen the cute cat shop Pussies on Parade? They sell cat inspired products designed by different indie designers. Here are my favorites: A kawaii cat bowlings set, a funny cat comic tote bag and a beewax cat candle. Hop over there for more crazy cat stuff. Meow!
Cute Kawaii Cat Bowling Set BlogKawaii Cat Tote Bag Kawaii Bag BlogKawaii Cat Beewax Candle Kawaii Cat Blog

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Kawaii Blogger Portraits By Maqaroon

The designer Joanna Zhou (love her work) behind the brand Maqaroon has been doing kawaii portraits of her favourite bloggers. She does one new portrait every week and I just found out that the most recent portrait is of me….. wiiiiii! Thank you ♥ Joanna I am SO flattered! I feel like it is raining glittery stars around me. What a perfect day! Don't forget to check out the Maqaroon shop for some super cute stuff!
Maqaroon Hawaii Kawaii Blog Portrait Kawaii Design Blog

Maqaroon Portrait Hawaii Kawaii Design By Joanna Zhou

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Kawaii Wallpapers By Swedish Designer Frukt Party

Designer Ella Källman makes these super cute wallpapers. Visit her Flickr to see all of her wallpapers or hop over to her site Frukt Party and check out her art and Swedish vintage shopping finds.

Kawaii Pug And Hedgehog Wallpaper By Ella KällmanKawaii Deer Wallpaper By Ella KällmanKawaii Candy and Cupcake wallpaper by designer FruktParty

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Kawaii Interior From Caramelaw

I adore the kawaii design by Caramelaw. When searching the net I find a lot of kawaii pieces to wear like clothes, jewelry, hair stuff but to find good looking kawaii interior is not that common. I would absolutely want that kawaii chair in my home.

Kawaii chair by CaramelawPillows with kawaii print from kawaii designer Caramelaw

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Klaras Cupcakes Mascot – Kawaii Commissions

A while ago I made this happy cupcake for my friend Klara as a mascot for her cupcake company. I am thinking of maby putting it on a t-shirt.


Cupcake rosa rödCupcake Blå Rosa
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Kawaii Illustrations By Stupid Love

Gorgeous and sometimes a bit over the top kawaii illustrations by designer Stupid Love. Visit the Stupid Love blog for more designs and some cute free to download wallpapers.

Pink japanese style art illustrations

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Hawaii Kawaii Blog Button


Visit Hawaii Kawaii Blog

I made a new smaller blog button. You can find the code in the column to the right if you want to grab it for your blog

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