Dreamy Pink Trees – Kawaii Nature

Is this for real…. I wonder, maby a Photoshop job? If I saw these pink trees it would totally make my day. Does anyone know if they are real and if so where these pink trees can be found?
Japanese pink leaf trees
(pic Wanda)

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10 Responses to Dreamy Pink Trees – Kawaii Nature

  1. Jacci

    if these are real…then i want them in my garden!

  2. Helenn

    Totally real, they're cherry blossoms =] You can get them all over, I know there are loads all over England, it's great in the spring when they flowerl pink petals everywhere ^__^ xo

    • I don't think it is blossoms though, I have seen cherry blossoms. These trees have leaves in pink. Look at the shape of the leaves, they almost have shapes like maple leaves, spiky like…

  3. yukiko

    it's kaede. :) Japanese maple leaves.

  4. sassyNpunk

    Ya these are not cherry blossoms. They look like leaves…as yukiko said. Very very pretty!

  5. bea

    another reason japan is better then England!! I sooo wish we had pink trees!!

  6. This is the kind of thing my dad would know – I will ask him! :D

  7. Woah! Want! I think Photoshop might of helped out on the saturation. But still Japan will always be better then England – says the girl who in fact does live in England….^______^

  8. Very pretty! :-)


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