Kawaii Coffee – Cute Beverages

Mmm imagine getting one of these cute cups when you order a coffee. There is one problem though, I would not want to destroy it by drinking.
Kawaii coffee cute kitty picture at the kawaii blog
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Rilakkuma coffee kawaii bear at cute café
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kawaii bunny coffee from a cute cafe
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12 Responses to Kawaii Coffee – Cute Beverages

  1. Kawaii critters! My favorite! <3

  2. Cute! I agree, I would have a hard time drinking those!

  3. jacci

    i wan to go to coffee school and learn to make these!

  4. Iris

    Looks so cute and delisious<3!

  5. Those are beautiful. I could never put a spoon into those cups!

  6. jeroen

    i like the pedobear variant.

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  8. Maks Maksimov

    "Nice one! Check also this out "http://www.kartinkijane.ru/63399-eda-kofe-zerna-chashki-serdechki-aromat-korichnevyj-fon.html

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  10. nyc pedobear variant.

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