Hello Kitty Sushi Tattoos – Kawaii Ink

These amazing Hello Kitty sushi tattoos are made by tattoo artist Stacey Martin in Austin, Texas. LOVE them!

Hello Kitty Sushi Salmon Tattoo Hello Kitty Ink Kawaii Tattoo Blog

Hello Kitty Sushi Tattoos Hello Kitty Ink Kawaii Tattoo Blog2

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15 Responses to Hello Kitty Sushi Tattoos – Kawaii Ink

  1. Konnichiwa! OwO
    På min blogg har jag en tävling i fyra olika kategorier. Temat är kawaii!
    Var gärna med och tävla:

    xoxo Pitchi
    (Sry om du inte tycker om dessa kommentarer)

  2. So cute! Her work is so impressive.
    I live in Austin, so if I ever decide what tattoo I want I might look into getting it from her.

  3. Aja

    Those are too amazing! My next 2 tatts, one of them has to be Hello Kitty

  4. These are fantastic! We love Hello Kitty and make sushi jewellery! http://harajukuboutique.mysupadupa.com/collections/sushi-range

  5. MaRiA FrAnCiScO

    kOOl i LuV iT pplezzz!! <3 (; I WNNA HAVE ONE!!!

  6. Liaana

    meeeeeaooooooowwwww~!!!! Hello kitty XD How i love you!! cuteeeee taaattttttt

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